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PocketCon Overview

On Saturday I tabled at PocketCon Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art with the wonderful zita.bita! It went amazingly well, all the attendees were super kind and super excited to be there! I even got to meet some who already knew me from social media which was awesome. I'm really proud of my product lineup and table setup this time and I definitely learned a lot. Went as Super Craig again since I don't have Imp Tweek done yet, but at my next con I should hopefully have one or two new cosplays to show off! ;) Thank you to all who came, and see you at Anime ZAP in January!

Con Review

⭐️ Rating: 4/5

🌎 Location: Chicago, Illinois

📅 Date: 12/9/23, 10:00am - 4:00pm

💵 Types of Products Sold: Original and Fan Art, Comic Zines, Original Inks, Stickers, Button Pins, Art Prints, Goof Bags

👍🏼 Pros: The staff for the convention itself was super kind and helpful! They were good at communicating exactly how to load in and how to tear down, where our tables were, and even offered to get the artists juice and water throughout the event. The atmosphere was full of joy, the attendees were primarily young children (since it was advertised as a family day) and all the children were very respectful of the artists and seemed to be having a great time. There was a live DJ with great taste in both anime and video game music as well as a gaming competition that kept the event lively. Lighting was great and I was given a great spot near the main entrance. My stickers were a best-seller, many parents were willing to buy a lot of small items for their kids. This event was also free to table at, which is a massive bonus!

👎🏼 Cons: Despite the convention staff being great, the museum staff wasn't as good to us. There was some minor conflict between the museum staff and convention staff as the museum wouldn't let us in despite the convention hosts providing them with all the information and names for the event (including helpers!). It was a struggle to get inside the building and we had to carry all of our supplies in one go since it was unclear if they'd let us back inside if we left the building. Tear-down was HECTIC. The event was supposed to end at 4pm, but the museum staff told us that all artists had to be OUT by 4pm, which the convention staff was not aware of. They gave us only 15 MINUTES to tear down, which was pretty nerve-wrecking.

❓️ Would You Go Again?: Absolutely! This is hands down my favorite event I've done so far and the atmosphere was so wonderful. I had a blast!


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