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SABLECON was a success!! Thank you to everyone who came, this was such a blast and a great first convention! I got to talk about both Kingdoms of Seasons and my fandom interests with con-goers, and I wore my Super Craig cosplay! I can't wait for the next one.

Con Review

⭐️ Rating: 3/5

🌎 Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

📅 Date: 10/28/23, 10:30am - 4:30pm

💵 Types of Products Sold: Original and Fan Art, Comic Zines, Original Inks, Stickers, Button Pins, Art Prints, Goof Bags

👍🏼 Pros: Way more people showed up than I thought would, there were new people coming in the entire day and the room was always full of people. Customers were both interested in my fanart and my original art and both categories sold equally as well. There were a lot of children and their parents were willing to spend money to buy gifts for them. One father bought 3 large prints, one for each of his daughters, which made up a large portion of my profit. The convention host is also an artist and he routinely went around the room to see how we were all doing and made sure to buy at least one item from everybody’s table. He also live streamed all of us talking about our tables on instagram. The other artists were very nice and everyone was socializing with each other and making good connections. There was consistent energy in the room throughout the entire day!

👎🏼 Cons: The convention took place in a worn down strip mall that honestly looked abandoned from the outside. The convention took place in one small room that I think was a banquet hall which still had banquet decorations up such as fake foliage on the walls and heart shaped lights on the ceiling. At one point the lights in the room turned red which drastically reduced the visibility of all our products and made all the colors washed out, but after around 10 or 15 minutes the lights went back to normal so I’m sure somebody complained and they fixed it. Teardown was a bit rushed, they gave us an hour and a half which is a good amount of time but the owners of the hall were kind of rushing us out after 30 minutes.

❓️ Would You Go Again?: Yes! It was affordable, only a 2 hour drive from Chicago, the host was very nice and supportive and I honestly didn’t expect to make a profit at all and I was pleasantly surprised.


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