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Etsy and Kofi Stores Now Open and Updated!

My Kofi and Etsy stores are now fully stocked and up to date with various new products!

Stickers, button pins, and goof bags (small bags containing 3 misprinted items) are available on both shops. However, the selection on each shop is a bit different.

Currently my Etsy store only hosts fan content. Kofi hosts both fan content and original work, such as products for Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons. This is due to the high listing fees from Etsy- since original content doesn't sell as often, splitting between the two shops is simply more affordable.

Current Products:

Professor Chaos and Mysterion Stickers (South Park TFBW The Fractured But Whole Butters and Kenny Stickers)

Angel Kenny, Princess Kenny, and Zombie Kenny (South Park Kenny Stickers)

South Park Marjorine (Butters) Stickers

Human Kite, Toolshed, and Call Girl Stickers (South Park TFBW The Fractured But Whole Kyle Stan and Wendy Stickers)

Metrosexual Tweek and Craig (South Park Creek Stickers)

Imp Tweek and Youth Pastor Craig (South Park Phone Destroyer Creek Stickers)

South Park Marjorine (Butters) Transgender Pride Sticker

Astronaut/Alien Tweek and Craig (South Park Creek Stickers)

Super Craig and Wonder Tweek Eros Eruption (South Park TFBW The Fractured But Whole Creek Sticker)

Craig and Tweek Gay/MLM Pride (South Park Creek Sticker)

South Park Wendyl (Wendy) Genderfluid Pride Sticker

Tweek and Craig Gay/MLM/Neurodivergent Pride (South Park Creek 1.25 in Button Pins)

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny (South Park Main Boys 1.25 in Button Pins)

Misprint/Goof Bags/Themed Random Grab Bags (Stickers and Button Pins)

Mae, Joel, Asha, Ruben, Noble, Jeremiah Kingdoms of Seasons Main Characters Button Pins

Dolly, Anthony, Dahlia, Marvin, Verity, Bel, Charlotte Kingdoms of Seasons Main Characters Button Pins

Marvin Ace Pride Sticker

Noble and Jeremiah Gay and Autism Pride Sticker

Beverly and Diana Lesbian and Nonbinary Pride Sticker

Mae and Joel Thank You Card

Mae and Joel Bi and Pan Pride Sticker

Main Characters Valentines Cards

Mae and Verity Sticker

Mae Chibi Sticker Set

Bea, Lana, and Scarab Sticker

Mae and the Hero Flower Sticker

Any Character Button Pin

Mae and Friends Zine

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